Grin++ Node & Wallet v0.6.1 — кошелек GRIN для Windows

Grin++ Node & Wallet
Grin++ Node & Wallet

До недавних пор кошелек GRIN coin был доступен только для обладателей MAC или Lunux. Совсем недавно был анонсирован кошелек GRINcore для Windows, а вернее его бета-версия, которая обладает базовым функционалом привычных нам core-кошельков.


  • ngrok support to make receiving via HTTP even simpler
  • Updated signature parsing logic for v2 slates to support the official 1.1.0 release
  • Temp fix to help resolve issues some windows 7 users have had logging in
  • Support peers sending older TxHashSets than requested.


  • Some windows 7 users have reported login issues in previous versions. This adds a temporary band-aid to help solve some of those issues, but some may still have problems until the root cause is identified and fixed.

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  1. David Burkett

    Thanks! Works perfect!

  2. martin Almberg

    cant get the wallet to run properly keep getting. error occurred in grinnode process. try restarting grin++. error, error.spawn grinnode.exe ENOENT