Earn more bitcoins (BTC) on altcoins, but not on margin trading

Krypto enthusiasts compare the season of altcoins with crypto Christmas. It is characterized by a pervasive positive attitude towards altcoins, whose values often grow exponentially. Often these alternative digital currencies receive huge benefits during these seasons.

Crypto traders say that during this uptrend, you can earn more bitcoins on altcoins. In fact, this is the season when most traders will get the most profit during a cryptographic year, whether it is to exchange altcoins for more bitcoins or for more fiat securities.

To ensure the correctness of receiving more BTC from alt-coins, the crypto tech enthusiast Dr. Squize [LTC] took advantage of this. His survey asked crypto-twitter for their contribution to the question:

“What do you think is the best way to earn more bitcoins?” Margin trading BitMex, Altcoins, Spot trading Bitcoins, None.Just HODL $ BTC! "

At the time of this writing, the Altcoin option had the lion’s share of the vote. One crypto trader expressed his opinion that “Pro: margin trading, Noob: hodl, Expert: Altcoins”.

Another suggested that margin trading and alts are a risky way to earn more BTC, but for a competent trader they provide the highest opportunities for increasing BTC.

Bitcoin (BTC) decreasing volatility

Bitcoin volatility has been declining since its rapid take-off and collapse during the 2017 crypto-bull rally. Some scientists believe that this is a sign that the digital currency has finally reached the age of majority. This coin has been around for ten years, and, according to Bloomberg strategist and analyst Mike McGlone, commodity strategist:

"This is an emerging market, so volatility should continue to decline ... When you have a new market, it will be very volatile until it is established."

Consequently, a decrease in volatility means that the huge profit once obtained during Bitcoin's price fluctuations gradually decreases in size. Profit from margin trading when a broker on platforms such as BitFinex or BitMex provides the means for a BTC trader to trade, in this case, is very dependent on the volatility of the BTC price.

A x100 loan deal on a deposit at BitMex would have made a profit of more than 500 percent in the past. However, the Alt-Coins are still at the maturity stage, and their volatility and low prices, compared to bitcoins, offer greater profits if the trades are combined with market experience.

Trade in Altcoins and buy more bitcoins (BTC)

Some traders, however, just want to get their bitcoin and wait for them to cost $ 1 million. Unfortunately, this in no way contributes to an increase in BTC in their wallets. But, simply by choosing the most significant alt-cash by market capitalization, traders can get more profit, which can be sent back to BTC.

There is so much potential in buying alt-coons when they are at the lowest level, and selling them when they are ripe. These traders will need a little patience, and without time to explore more than 2,000 plus alternative coins on the market, you only need to operate with popular ones for profit.

There is no dispute as to which coin or token is the best. Bitcoin remains undeniable in this area, and bitcoin holders will make the new generation financially independent. The rhythm trader describes this Bitcoin feature very well:

“Bitcoin may be unstable, but it recovered after each recession. For example, if you bought Bitcoin for $ 10 every day, starting with a record high in December 2017, you would have grown by almost 50 percent. ”

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