Trading bot for EXMO and Binance (MultiBot)

Universal bot for cryptocurrency exchanges

Earn automated trading on EXMO and BINANCE exchanges

Торговый бот для EXMO и Binance (MultiBot)

Current functionality (version 4.12.1):

  • trading in all pairs represented on exchanges (EXMO, BINANCE);

  • automatic addition of released new currencies and currency pairs;

  • trading by long (growth) and short positions (falling);

  • simultaneous trading of any number of currency pairs;

  • flexible configuration of any pair;

  • 4 strategies;

  • history of purchases / sales of orders with display of the proceeds (even if the purchase is partial);

  • automatic sale of orders purchased less than the established limit;

  • detailed profit report with upload to excel;

  • balance change history;

  • automatic freezing and defrosting of trades in the event of a price drop;

  • automatic increase of the order sale price in case TrailingStop moved to breakeven;

  • trading from the depot (percentage or fixed amount);

  • StopLoss and TrailingStop;

  • manual editing of StopLoss + TrailingStop values of sell orders that are manually set;

  • built-in web server for remote control of the bot;

  • 4 types of alerts (Audio, SMS, VKontakte, Telegram);

  • three trading modes (automatic, semi-automatic, manual);

  • collection of statistics on price changes;

  • Customizable request speed for automatic and manual trading;

  • WebSocket support.

+ free for the 1st currency pair with no limit on the amount of trading after the end of the trial period;

Торговый бот для EXMO и Binance (MultiBot)


Detailed FAQ


Available 10-day testing and use of the bot, without any restrictions.

Subscription price is 1000 rubles. for 31 days.

The purchase price is 5000 rubles.

Provides a FREE version with a limit of 1 currency pair and the lack of a strategy "Pamp"

The FREE version turns on automatically after the end of the trial period or after the end of the subscription.

The FREE version does not apply to virtual machines and RAM disks. Buying a subscription or buying removes all restrictions.


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