Poloniex now supports fiat payments

Poloniex has now added support for fiat currency deposits using credit, debit cards and bank accounts.

Poloniex users will be able to deposit fixed funds using their bank accounts and debit or credit cards to purchase cryptography.

“Poloniex customers can now power their cryptocurrencies by depositing and withdrawing funds using cards and bank accounts.

With these updates, there are two new ways to increase and decrease the cost of Poloniex. The first allows customers to directly transfer money to and from their bank accounts. Another allows customers to use their debit or credit cards to buy bitcoins. ”  read official statement .

Poloniex provided users with over 80 countries the opportunity to make direct deposits. The report also indicated that users will be able to effect a withdrawal of the USDC in the stablockcoin directly from their bank accounts.

The partnership with Simplex, which is also a partner of the largest crypto-exchange Binance, will allow platform users from more than 60 countries to buy Bitcoins on Poloniex using debit and credit cards.

“Customers who connect their bank accounts and make deposits automatically receive tokens for USD Coin (USDC) coins, which means they will get all the benefits of the US dollar at a crypto rate and will be able to move the cost notification at any time. This gives every Poloniex trader an advantage, especially for traders who use multiple exchanges for arbitrage opportunities. In the same way, clients who need to calculate the income from their transactions can now transfer USDC to their bank accounts without any problems. ”

The rules of cryptography in the United States have identified many cryptoplatforms to separate themselves from work in the region. Poloniex has previously excluded crypto tokens from its list of US customers in order to comply with the requirements.

A recent Poloniex blog post read:

“We do not currently support ACH transfers for US bank accounts”

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