Why do you like losing your money?

I was inspired to write this post by questions that I receive daily:

"I am stuck. Housed a coin that has already lost a lot, what should I do? ”
“I had all the money in the same coin because I believed in it. Now she has fallen too much, and I have lost everything. What should I do? "
“I entered the deal, because a certain legendary Guru Master X said that this coin will bring me 300%. In the end, it turned into a major loss. What to do? "

Dear friends, I can no longer be silent. I wondered why people like to insist on irrational things, but now I can’t understand or justify anything at all. Why do you like losing money? This is the main question that I want to ask all "crypto-enthusiasts." They trade, invest, believe in cryptocurrency, but merge it, and have no plan ...

Why is your behavior far from the actions of a logical person, and all your steps make you move in a downward spiral distance from your goal?

At first, I assumed that you were new and did not know the basics of trading. I tried to post educational content to help you make fewer mistakes. Some traders, I hope, used my advice, while others ask why I no longer publish signals. First of all, “why don’t you help me with my trade?” Is a rude question. I help you, and publish trading ideas when I have time, but you may not see them, because trade only cryptocurrency.

What I mean? I think that a large number of such crypto-enthusiasts wanted to receive income from investments and trading. It's good. Cryptocurrency provided good opportunities to enter the financial sector. She also provided a good opportunity for easy money making. But look, the last 11 months, the market situation is not favorable for earnings. A few points that showed the possibility of a return to growth were the pampas and ended with our stop-losses. This is normal because we identified our risks. and accepted that we can lose our capital … it is so?

For investors, crypto enthusiasts who coin coins because they believe in projects: you must take responsibility for your decisions. The investor decides how much money he can block in the project, determines the investment horizon and, in the end, leaves with a profit or incurs losses.

Is it relevant today to trade on cryptocurrency?

For traders: cryptocurrency trading with the current infrastructure is good only for stable uptrends. These market conditions gave you great opportunities to get a lot of money last year, but this year they did not. Please do not tell me about the possibility of making money in the fall or catching shorts with the help of the shoulder. Once the volume rises, it is difficult or almost impossible to place trades. The quality and level of all trading platforms at the moment is extremely low. You will see this immediately after a simple comparison with traditional market trading platforms. The same applies to comparing cryptocurrency trading with traditional regulated brokers.

So, as I see from many comments - many of you trade only cryptocurrency. Well, if you are here, and your goal is earnings. If you want to make money, why don't you care what you trade? You trade in a market with great potential, and you make money that you can use as you wish. Even buy shields.

So I don’t understand why you haven’t turned your attention to traditional markets yet? Why do you stay in cryptocurrency, even if the market is not suitable now for making money? Don't you think it's irrational, if your goal is to make money at the auction? Crypto traders turn gray, while traditional traders do their business and achieve their goals.

Home -> Situation -> Solution

You started with cryptocurrency, and this was a good lesson for you, showing great opportunities that can be opened when trading in financial markets.

Great. Your next step should be to increase your trading skills by gaining new knowledge and experience. Your next step should be aimed at traditional markets such as Forex, Stocks, Commodities and adding these markets to your trading portfolio, thereby reducing the share of cryptocurrencies. Why don't you do this? Do you want to be just a crypto enthusiast and wait for the cryptocurrency to return to the bull cycle? Or maybe you will become a really smart trader / investor and start using trading opportunities in other markets?

And when opportunities are open again in the cryptocurrency market, you can become the next legend!

I am not a crypto enthusiast like you, I do not know all the projects and technical documents. I know a few of them with whom I could trade when the time comes for this. I joined this new market when I saw great opportunities to make money, because I am a trader. I tried to help newbies not to be mistaken. Now I just watch the cryptocurrency and expect new signals confirming the strength of the bulls in the long term.

Now my main markets for profit are traditional. I do not limit myself to irrational and useless boundaries, but I seek new opportunities. Stop acting like noobs, start thinking like smart traders and make trading your business!

Good luck!

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