Five board games about Bitcoin

Bitcoin is highly addictive. For those who know and love cryptocurrency, sending, receiving and placing is often not enough. Soon, they crave Bitcoin merchandising, which leads to other Bitcoin-based accessories, from stickers to hardware wallets. The final endgame for those who are hooked to the P2P cryptocurrency is to invest in a proprietary bitcoin-board or card game.

Bitcoin board games are still in their infancy
As in Bitcoin around 2011, Bitcoin board games are still a bit rough. This is to be expected from a niche chase based on what still remains a niche asset class. One more extended bullish move and higher historical highs will be required before like-minded people are ready to play bitcoin-board games at the dinner table. At the same time, for niche fans who are not ready to wait until Hasbro releases its own crypto-board game, a number of niche games based on bitcoins are available.

Five Bitcoin Board Games

Bitcoin Empire

Bitcoin Empire - one of the first bitcoin games that gained momentum - a fast-paced card game in which players compete to collect as many bitcoins as possible. Character cards have legal, coding, and marketing skills, while attack cards are labeled Hack, Lawsuit, or Smear Campaign. The latter, if the game were reprinted today, it would probably be called “FUD”. First introduced at in early 2017, the Bitcoin Empire is scarce these days, although determined detectives should be able to track a copy on Ebay. also has the full profile of the world's first Bitcoin card game.

Bitcoin-Empire: the moon 2.0

The Bitcoin Empire must have caused a response in some, as the creator David Thomas returned with a sequel. Like its predecessor, To The Moon 2.0 was funded through Kickstarter and should be released in February 2018. Described as a "bitcoin card game and plotting moon landings are fake," the game is based on a character card and skills based on the original model, but adds links to popular culture and news events for added rudeness.

Five Bitcoin Board Games

Cryptocurrency: board game

This game attracted $ 15,000 to Kickstarter last year, which is quite impressive for a bear market. With the call "Deceive your opponents to buy cryptocurrency fraud while you trade, extract and spread rumors about wealth", "Cryptocurrency: a board game, of course, reflects the spirit of the scene. The game requires 2-4 players to take on the role of the general director of a FINTECH startup that wants to trade and acquire cryptography. Tasks include hiring experts, resetting Shitkouns and solving crypto “mining algorithms”. For some players, the game will be nice to distract from the real cryptocurrency trade; for others a depressing reminder.

Five Bitcoin Board Games


Crypto Millionaire

Crypto Millionaire is another Kickstarter launch scheduled for fundraising this month. The game looks elementary, even by the modest standards of board games with bitcoins, since ICO cards may be too complicated for some bag owners.


Crypto is a strategy board game based on cryptocurrencies, which has now raised over $ 2,000 to Indiegogo. The game “requires you to know absolutely nothing about cryptocurrency”, which will reassure those participants who accumulated excitement and excitement at this time last year. Rumors, hacks, sales and hard forks are the names of the four game cards, while various auction methods - Dutch, English, Vikrai and fixed price - will teach players that there is more than one method of payment. chances of an asset.

Five Bitcoin Board Games

In addition to the games described above, there is also an unofficial version of a crypto-monopoly, which one redditor modeled at the end of 2017. As the selected game spaces and their respective positions on the board show, a lot can happen in the cryptosphere after 12 months. For players who are not impressed with the current crop of bitcoin-board games, there is an alternative - create your own, and then convince the crypto community to participate.

Will you play a cryptocurrency board game? Let us know in the comments below.

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