Giant Technology Project Overview

Giant - one of the few projects that crossed the threshold successful and constantly progressing 6-month work. So let's take a closer look at it.

Giant is a high-tech solution for creating all sorts of projects using proprietary smart contracts. The main feature of the technology Giant is an simplifying the process of creating smart contracts in the most common programming language in the world - JavaScript (JS).

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The project has its own virtual machine GiantVM. The architecture is executed on JS and allows you to read and execute the instructions specified in the contract. The developer kit includes a high-level compiler and IDE plugin. This allows you to compile code on JS in GiantVM instructions and simplifies the life of developers, they can immediately start creating contracts without having to learn an additional language.

Other competitive differences between Giant technology:

  • Code update - the ability to update an existing smart contract, instead of creating its copies on the network.
  • Destruction - destruction and self-destruction of smart contracts that have no application in the network and were forgotten by its creator.
  • Burning fees - incineration commission, aimed at equalizing the number of burned coins and the endless emission of the network.
  • Self-governance - self-regulation of the development of the project by voting for the initiatives of users by the owners of the master network.

Using this technology, the Giant team proposes to solve the problem of the lack of trust between users in virtually any niche. Popularization of technology in the blockchain developer community is one of the important strategic objectives of the project. The more followers there are, the more application projects will be developed on Giant.

However the team Giant already developing his own projects on his own technology. The first such project is a decentralized binary options exchange. Giant.Exchange.

Currently, the beta version is under development and available by reference. Binary options are not just the first niche for the project. This market has long "stained" its reputation and lost the confidence of many traders. Thus, the implementation of the application, in which the trader is in complete security and transparency of the exchange, will clearly show the viability and usefulness of the Giant technology.

The next project, the implementation of which the team will begin in Q2 2019, is a decentralized exchange of sports betting Giant bet.

In essence, this project solves problems similar to the problems of the binary options market, namely trust between the player and the bookmaker. Giant.Bet will allow you to bet on sports using smart contracts and eliminate the risks associated with payments.

Another project, which will also begin to be implemented in Q2 2019, is Giant.Coldstake - PoS mining pool without the need for the user to keep the wallet on 24/7. The share of total earnings will be directly proportional to the number of coins that the user sent to the address of the smart contract.

Specification and numbers

Giant blockchain uses the Proof-of-Stake mining algorithm and Masternodes technology, which adds to the attractiveness for investors of this project.

As of 11.26.18 there are already 2016 active masternods in the Giant network.

It is important to note a high value Locked coinswhich is equal to 75,33%, excluding Premine. This indicates a high level of investor confidence, supported by stable results.

  • Stock Ticker: GIC;
  • Block reward: 20 GIC (80% MN | 20% PoS);
  • Block time: 120 sec .;
  • Maturity rate: 200;
  • Number of coins for MN: 1000;
  • Maximum number of coins: 1,323,000 PoW Phase + PoS - infinite;

Giant team and community

Most recently, the Giant team did the promised deanonymization of the team in Q4 2018:

Today the team consists of 12 people, and according to our information, it will soon become more by 3 people (2 developers, 1 content manager).

It is important to note that the number of the team is constantly growing and all news related to HR is broadcast to the main project chat in Discord.

HR news is not the only thing the team is sharing with the community. For the organization of the workflow selected well-known methodology SCRUM. Every 2 weeks the team makes plans for Sprint, conducts daily rallies and a retrospective at the end of the sprint. All this is also broadcast in related reports and public board in Trello.

Thus, the transparent work of the team and openness to feedback, have become the hallmarks of the project. The unique chat was also a closed chat for masters; This is an important aspect of the self-regulation mechanism. For example, as a result of an internal vote, the transition to PoS was made earlier than the appointed time.


A promising project with realistic use of blockchain and smart contracts. The team chose actual problem and found the optimal implementation of technology. The team’s challenge to create a transparent infrastructure in niches with a damaged reputation is a reason to be interested in the fate of this project as a spectator or investor.

Reports on the progress of development, commits to Github and the depth of study White papers do not make you doubt the understanding of the technical side of the implementation and the competencies of developers.

The transparency and honesty of the team’s work is the reason for the favorable background,  respectful and trusting relationship of the community to the project. All this is supported by a unique mechanism of self-regulation, which puts the project team on a par with other investors.

User support is organized at a high level. On the Team page, you can see team members who regularly advise on the installation of the mastode, the steaking and many other issues. If you have a question, you can feel free to contact #support to @mani or @ ballz41 in Discord server.

Regarding stable rate cryptocurrency Giant and high level of hold, confirmed by the value of Locked coins. Moreover, Giant Coin is the only means of payment for all products based on the Giant blockchain.

GIC capitalization for today is about 800,000 USD. For the past month, the price has been growing almost daily, updating the bottom at $ 0.18 in October 2018. The annual ROI is about 200%, and the return on investment is about 6 months.

The purchase and sale of GIC is currently available on 2 exchanges: Crypto-bridge, Graviex. Before the release of the product, the GIC should appear on at least one more exchange. After release, the listing from TOP-20 to CMC will be reviewed for listing. It is planned to add a GIC / USD currency pair to facilitate the acquisition of this digital asset by Giant.Exchange traders and users of other projects.

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