NoDevFee (NoFee) - Download and disable the commission in the miner

Attention! the commission is absolutely on all miners, even where it says No Fee, 0% Fee and so on! Do not be fooled, just take our word for it)

For starters, I'll give you a link to the statistics of the developer's purse Claymore miner, where your 1-2% blood is dripping:

the screenshot was taken in January

NoDevFee (NoFee)- Скачать и отключить комиссию в майнере

it's thousands of dollars a day)) Not surprising, since almost the whole world uses its miner)

Of course, we can reduce the commission in the miner’s settings by commands like “-nofee”, but this will cause the hashrate to fall. So say the developers themselves miners in their instructions:

NoDevFee (NoFee)- Скачать и отключить комиссию в майнере

How to disable DevFee?

  • The idea is simple: we decipher the source code of the miner, we insert our purse instead of the purse of the developer, we encrypt it back and now the entire commission that should go to the developer goes to our wallet.

Developers with GitHub put this idea into practice and gave us a quick solution to this problem by writing a simple softphone with the wallets of the developers sewn into it and which easily searches for them in the miner and changes them to yours (which you specify in the config file). 



The program is suitable for most popular miners, regardless of their versions:

  • Claymore's Dual Ethereum + Decred_Siacoin_Lbry_Pascal AMD + NVIDIA GPU Miner
  • Claymore's CryptoNote AMD GPU Miner
  • Zec miner
  • ccminer
  • XMR
  • ewbf
  • Cast XMR
  • SRBMiner
  • dstm's ZCash / Equihash Nvidia Miner
  • Excavator
  • JerryMiner
  • Claymore's BTG AMD GPU Miner
  • Claymore's ZCash / BTG GPU Miner
  • BTG nVidia miner
  • MOD lbry
  • Bminer
  • PhoenixMiner (added in 9.84)
  • T-rex

  • CryptoDredge (new) NEW! (in last update)



1. Download the latest version of NoDevFee: 



You may need Winrar or 7zip to decompress

2. Unpack it into the folder with the miner. Turn off the mining.

3.  Open config.cfg with notepad ++ ( and change the purse of the desired algorithm to your own:

NoDevFee (NoFee)- Скачать и отключить комиссию в майнере

Save config.cfg

4. Run Nofee.exe, if we did everything right the window will appear:

DevFee wallet

5. We start mining.

Now DevFee (commission) is falling for you, that is, 100% of your capacities work for you!

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32 Replies to "NoDevFee (NoFee)- Скачать и отключить комиссию в майнере"

  1. Thank you! At first I thought that it does not work, but after 24 hours the growth of the ball became obvious.
    I'm afraid to update the miner now)

  2. After applying the patch, the nominee stopped falling on the purse of the exchange. Just disappeared somewhere.
    Draw conclusions.

      1. Good day! Usually take a period of time (for example, 3-4 hours, preferably a day) Measure the number of successful balls (shares) on the pool - their total number, number of balls per hour. Then we make changes, in our case the patch and repeat the test. Compare the results. We did this.

  3. Every time you need a window to launch or then simply to drop it through the batch file and not to steam?

        1. Does not work with multiple farms on the same network, how to remove? The batch file on the second farm does not start. Proxy is not an option.

  4. If the purse for the commission is substituted for your own, then how do you know which pool the commission will go to? Because there are a lot of algorithms, lots of pools, and it's not known which pool the developer's commission was on.

  5. Entered data specially created for this purse, the balls come, the hash appears. Thank you. Soft working!

  6. Here it is not clear where to register your wallet before launching the patch ?? to the config.json file ?? I use Zec Miner 0.3.4b and there is no config file. there everything goes from the batch file

  7. Guys, put somebody out on a mega or google disk, there's already no project on the project! Thank you

    1. Soon we will synchronize the developer's repository with our server and there will be a direct link. Expect)

  8. The amount of the ball does not say anything. The result should not be in the balls, but in the extracted currency.
    I will explain, whoever tried to install a second purse in the settings file (not the main purse), and if there will be a currency (commission) then yes, it works. And it's not clear when intercepting where the commission goes, the developer, me or the left wallet.
    Strange as it may seem, software works, oddly enough

  9. on SRBMiner-CN-V1-6-7 works! was allocated a separate purse, for two days from six (6x6) rig! For DevFee, the miner connects to the nanopulse!

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