Expert opinion: a big jump in bitcoin can be expected in 2018

The beginning of 2018 was unsuccessful for all crypto-currencies, writes NewsBTC. Some players even fell into despair, not waiting until the positive news about the course bitcoin or other crypto currency. At the same time, many experts in the market are convinced that all top-end crypto-currencies will return to a positive trend by the end of 2018.

To assess the trends with which the market lives, there are many other factors besides the bitcoins cost. At the same time, the price of BTC has a decisive influence on the market, showing how the rest of the ecosystem should develop in the short and long term.

At least one thing is clear: at the present moment it is not possible to quickly enrich itself on the crypto currency, as it was last year. Nevertheless, many industry experts are not too afraid of the current bearish trend. In fact, they are considering that cryptology is now experiencing its usual wave of volatility.

Lacher's Forecasts

Aaron Lasher, co-founder and marketing director of Breadwallet, actively commented on the market situation, starting from last year. For example, at the beginning of September, he stated that the phenomenal ascent of bitcoin causes general fear of a bubble that will soon burst. Lasher then reacted rather calmly to this threat, saying that "Crypto currency is in the bubble? Oh sure. This is bad? Not necessary".

Lasher then advised the novice bitcoin-investors not to lose their vigilance. "I would not recommend investors to enter this market without his thorough research. This is not a quick enrichment scheme at all. People who blindly throw in money here are likely to take too much risk, buy too much, and sell too early. ".

Currently, Aaron Lacher also has his own opinion about what is happening in the market: "The game is not over yet, the deficit of digital assets is one of the main innovations in terms of digital money and its exchange rate. Today we are at the beginning of a long history connected with the transition to the tokenization of any assets ".

Over the past week, all major crypto-currencies have significantly lost in their price. The fall was from 11.6% to 15.9%, with Ethereum most affected. Bitcoin pulls all the Crypto-currencies down, as it was in the past. However, Lacher believes, the situation this year will develop more interesting.

Forecast for the future

The launch of exchange investment funds for bitcoins opened the way for institutional investors who were given the opportunity to participate in a speculative game at the Crypto-currency courses. Although at present the demand for this exchange-traded instrument is still rather low, the situation is gradually improving. The situation will change qualitatively for the better, when regulatory problems will be solved.

Speaking about state regulation, the most heated topic for discussion among government officials is still bitcoin. The invasion of the state by kriptornka is "a necessary evil," without which a new form of money can not exist in the future.

In parallel, the remaining crypto-currencies continue to develop. With Ethereum, a number of significant changes must take place, including a move to proof-of-stake. Ripple continues to pave the way, strengthening its connection with the financial sector. Litecoin went through several failures associated with the collapse of Litepay, but in the end this crypto currency remained in force.

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