Ledger Live - download + step by step instructions

You can download Ledger Live for Windows, Mac OS and Linux from the Ledger website. Select an application from the menu to go to the download page, then download the application and finally install it.


Download, start

The Ledger Live home screen is a simple “Welcome to Ledger Live” message. Choose start to continue.

Ledger Live Get Started


Device type

With Ledger Live, you can set up a new Ledger device, restore a previously initialized Ledger device, or use an already initialized Ledger device. We decided to use the Ledger device, which has already been initialized. But if you need to initialize a new Ledger device, check out our step-by-step installation guide for the new Ledger Nano S.

Ledger Live Start


Select device

There are four steps to connect your Ledger device to Ledger Live. First choose whether to use Ledger Nano S or Ledger Blue with Ledger Live. Please note that in the end you can configure Ledger Live with multiple Ledger devices.

Ledger Live Device Select


Security checklist

Next Ledger Live is undergoing security checks. Each Ledger device has a pin code to access the device and a recovery phrase to restore the device if it is lost. Ledger Live will confirm that you have selected your PIN and saved the recovery phrase yourself. Ledger Live will also verify the authenticity of your device. Select "Check Now" to continue the installation process.

Ledger Live Security Checklist


Genuine check

To complete the authentic test, connect and unlock the Ledger device, go to the front control panel of your Ledger device and press the button on your Ledger device to enable the Ledger Manager.

Ledger Live Genuine Check


Verified authentic device

Choose to continue after your Ledger device is verified as authentic.

Ledger Live Genuine Device


Ledger live password

Set a password to access Ledger Live and protect yourself from unauthorized access to Ledger Live data stored on your computer.

Ledger Live Password


Share anonymous data

Your Ledger device is almost configured with Ledger Live. As a final step, decide whether to provide anonymous technical, analytical, and error data.

Ledger Live Analytics


The device is ready!

Your Ledger device is now ready for use with Ledger Live. Choose “Open” to start managing your cryptocurrency with Ledger Live.

Ledger Live Ready


Security reminder

When you first open Ledger Live, you are reminded of the need for safe trading, given the changing nature of cryptoactive assets. Select received to continue.

Ledger Live Safety


Add accounts

An account in Ledger Live means a cryptoactive, connected to one Ledger device. Select add accounts to start adding your crypto assets to Ledger Live. The crypto-asset application must be installed on your Ledger device before you can add an account for this crypto asset. The following sections of this tutorial discuss using the dispatcher to add applications to the Ledger device.

Ledger Live Add Arrow


Select Crypto-Asset to add

Ledger Live displays a simple popup window for adding a cryptoactive account. Select a cryptoactive to add from the drop down menu. We decided to add ether.

Ledger Live Add - Choose


Add account from device

Then connect / unlock the Ledger device and open the Ledger application for the corresponding cryptoactive.

Ledger Live Add - Device


Account name

You can add an account using the existing balance or add a new account. You can also rename an existing or new account. In this guide, we added an existing account with 0.2204 ETH and called it "Ethereum 2." Ledger Live Add - Account Name

Ledger Live Add - Account Name


Account Verification

That's all it takes to add a cryptoactive account to Ledger Live. Choose to add more if you have other crypto assets or close to go to your portfolio.

Ledger Live Ethereum 2 Added


Account Information

Your portfolio will be updated immediately with your new account. For example, our portfolio now shows a balance of $ 96.22 and displays our ethereum account in the left menu and under the portfolio chart. Now that we have added an account, let's go through each section of Ledger Live.

Ledger Live Main



In the Ledger Live portfolio section, you can view account balances and transaction history. It shows each cryptoactive account tracked in the last week, month or year. For example, our total portfolio of ethereum and litecoin is tracked lower for the last month with a total current balance of $ 231.19. By clicking on any individual cryptoactive account under the chart, Ledger Live will display the balance of that particular account on the main chart for the last week, month, or year. Scrolling down will also take you to the list of your transaction history (not shown below). Finally, notice that the green synchronized checkmark is displayed in the upper right corner when account balances are updated.

Ledger Live Portfolio



In the exchange section, Ledger Live provides recommendations on the use of cryptocurrency exchanges. We were disappointed in this section, because there are no exchanges in Ledger Live yet. In contrast, Keepkey hardware wallets integrate with Shapeshift for the exchange of crypto assets. We see many opportunities to improve this opportunity in Ledger Live thanks to the technological advances of exchanges such as Radar Relay and DDEX, which already allow wallets to be traded to wallets.

Ledger Live Exchanges Final



In the “Manager” section, you can install and remove cryptoactive apps on the Ledger device, which are necessary if you want to send and receive cryptoactives using Ledger Live. To use the "Manager" section, connect / unlock the Ledger device, go to the front control panel of your Ledger device and select to enable the use of the manager from the Ledger device.

Ledger Live Manager


Manager - Application Catalog

The application catalog displays all potential applications for installation on a Ledger device. You probably should first install the bitcoin application, because many other applications depend on the first installation of the bitcoin application.

Ledger Live Manager Main


Manager - Install Application

Click the install button next to any application to install it. For example, we decided to install a bitcoin application.

Ledger Live Manager Installing


Manager - the application is installed

Ledger Live displays a notification confirming that the application is installed after the process is complete.

Ledger Live Manager Install Done


Receive crypto assets

The receiving section is the place where you get the public address for your crypto asset. Then you can copy this public address to any cryptocurrency wallet, exchange or other service to send cryptocurrency to your Ledger device. Use the drop-down menu to select the cryptoactive that you want to receive.

Ledger Live Receive


Receive - using the device

Your Ledger is used to authenticate the resulting address displayed by Ledger Live. Connect / unlock the Ledger device and open the corresponding encryption application. Then click continue when two checkboxes appear.

Ledger Live Receive - Device


Receive - confirm address

There are potential attacks when a hacker changes the receiving address displayed by Ledger Live. To avoid this, you must make sure that the address displayed on your computer matches the address displayed on your Ledger device.

Ledger Live Receive - Verify


Get - Copy Address

Now copy the receiving address or scan the QR code to get the address. You can use this receiving address with other wallets, exchanges, or other services to send a cryptoactive asset to your Ledger account.

Ledger Live Receive Address


Send cryptocurrency

The sending section allows you to send crypto assets to other wallets, exchanges and other services. You must enter your transaction data, connect / unlock the Ledger device and check the transaction using the Ledger device.

Ledger Live Send


Send - enter data

Select the account of the cryptoactive asset to send, enter the recipient's address and enter the amount to send. Depending on the crypto asset, additional information will be entered. For example, in this guide we send $ 100.00 etherium, and therefore we need to set a fee for the network. Ledger Live offered to pay a network fee of 40 gvei, which corresponded to a relatively quick transaction in accordance with current information from ETH gas stations. Select continue after entering all necessary transaction information.

Ledger Live Send Details


Send - connect device

Connect / unlock the Ledger device and open the corresponding application to continue sending your cryptoactive.

Ledger Live Send Device


Send - confirm the transaction

Review the transaction on the Ledger device and press the right button to complete the send transaction.

Ledger Live Send Verify


Submit - Confirmation

Ledger Live will display a confirmation screen that the transaction has been sent. Choose to view transaction details to view more detailed information and view the transaction in Block Explorer.

Ledger Live Send Confirmation



This Ledger Live walkthrough has covered the use of Portfolio, Manager, Exchange, Shipment, and Receiving sections in Ledger Live. The last section to review in Ledger Live is the general settings. In the settings you can specify the specified currency, tariff provider and language to be used in Ledger Live. You can also change your password and decide what anonymous information to share with Ledger.

Ledger Live Settings

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