Cryptosmartphone Exodus 1 will be available in December of this year.

At a recent conference in Berlin, HTC presented its Exodus 1 blockchain smartphone. It is expected that it will be available in December this year:

The phone has the following specifications:

  • 6 inch display;
  • Two double cameras;
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor;
  • 3500 mAh battery;
  • The operating system Android Oreo.

A distinctive feature of this smartphone is that it has an additional Secure Enclave processor that provides security and anonymity, which allows you to hide user data from the Android OS.

In Exodus 1, it is possible to restore access to cryptocurrency wallets by means of seed phrases. To do this, the user must "break" the phrase into parts and distribute them (parts) to trusted contacts. In case the user has forgotten the password or the wallet has been lost, access to it can be restored by combining the parts into a phrase.

A spokesman for HTC said they would gradually improve the interior of Exodus 1, and expect users to also contribute to the company in this.

Blockchain smartphone can be bought in 34 countries, including European ones. The price of the device is 0.15 BTC or 4.78 ETH.

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