Komodo (KMD). Prospects and upcoming important development events

Komodo shows a steady upward trend even with impressive corrections. The project is promising and in demand. I draw attention to the commitment of cryptocurrency to the basic principles of digital money - anonymity, decentralization and availability with a high level of security. The cryptocurrency market actively supports the digital money that offers the protection of personal data, which indicates the relevance of this aspect.

The cryptocurrency potential is supported by the original DPoW protocol, which provides unprecedented protection, as well as its combination with anonymity. Analysts point to Komodo's quite good chances of gradually gaining user popularity. I recommend to keep track of news and plans for developers, without losing sight of the cryptocurrency.

Hardfork is expected on December 15, 2018 in the Komodo network.

This information is on the official website https://komodoplatform.com/upgrade-guide-dec-15/

The update of the Komodo code base will take place on December 15 at 01:00 UTC. The update activates a number of new features, including Sapling Update, 10 new assetchain parameters and an increase in block size for all updated chains from 2 MB to 4 MB.

Please note that this update is hardforfork and therefore it is necessary to update the wallet.

Several cryptocurrency exchanges have already turned off deposits and withdraw KMD in order to make an update. Other exchanges will do the same soon. The update is activated on December 15, after which the stock exchange will be able to renew deposits and withdraw KMD at the first opportunity.

Immediately answer the question. Does this hardfork mean a new coin and airdrop? No, this is a planned update.

There is a 4 stage of rebranding.

In mid-August, Komodo announced that they had teamed up with Ideas By Nature to launch a full rebranding and revision of their products and business strategies.

Stages 1 through 3 have now been completed. Komodo is currently in Phase 4 of the rebranding process.

This is the final phase where Ideas By Nature will develop the UX / UI interface for Komodo. Applications will have an exceptional user interface, providing a comfortable user experience.

“The Komodo team is pleased to collaborate with Ideas by Nature, as they will play an important role in changing our brand and recognition at a critical stage of our transformation” - share Steve Lee, chief marketing officer on the Komodo platform.

In the coming months, Komodo will release more updates. There are no specific dates, but this is a big progress.

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