Grin ++ Node & Wallet v0.6.1 - GRIN Wallet for Windows

Grin ++ Node & Wallet
Grin ++ Node & Wallet

Until recently, the GRIN coin wallet was available only to owners of a MAC or Lunux. More recently, the GRINcore wallet for Windows was announced, or rather, its beta version, which has the basic functionality of the core wallets we are used to.


  • ngrok support even
  • 2 release for v1.1.0 update
  • 7 users have logging in
  • Support peers sending TxHashSets than requested.


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  1. David Burkett

    Thanks! Works perfect!

  2. martin almberg

    cant get the wallet error occurred in grinnode process. try restarting grin ++. error, error.spawn grinnode.exe ENOENT