Bitcoin stolen from Binance moves again

“Nearly $ 9 million in BTC stolen from Binance during a recent hack was suddenly seen as displaced on Monday.”

On July 8, Whale Alert posted two tweets to drew attention to bitcoin stolen from Binance during a hack earlier this year. Then Binans lost a large amount of BTC.

Yesterday, the amount of BTC in the amount of about $ 9 million at the current rate was transferred to another address.

Stolen BTC moves

On Monday, Whale Alert, which regularly monitors cryptographic operations, issued a message stating that 706 BTC and 1 BTC were translated to addresses Bitcoinwhich analysts who investigated the case, had not previously noticed.

Hacking Binance

In May of this year, about 7,000 BTC were stolen from Binance. Changphen Zhao urged traders to remain calm and promised to compensate for losses from the SAFU fund created last year.

After the hacker attack took place, the BTC wallet stolen from a hot wallet was sent to seven different addresses in an attempt to hide the tracks. Since then, this is the first time a stolen crypto file has been moved elsewhere.

After hacking, Binance began working on improving its security systems, updating the backend, user behavior analysis systems and KYC procedures.

Earlier this year, the New Zealand Stock Exchange Cryptopia was subjected to several consecutive hacker attacks and was forced to begin liquidation.

Earlier, U.Today reported that the Bitrue exchange, located in Singapore, also suffered from a security breach and lost a significant amount of XRP and ADA.

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