AMD / ATI Pixel Clock- Atikmdag patcher 1.4.7 download

Atikmdag patcher 1.4.7 cancels driver signature verification for correct driver operation after flashing an AMD card and removing overclocking limits

AMD / ATI Pixel Clock Patcher modifies the AMD / ATI Pixel Clock Patcher modifies the AMD / ATI video card to allow higher resolutions and refresh rates by removing the 165 MHz pixel clock for single-link limit for VGA.

Recent changes:

  • 1.4.7: Find new SL-DVI / HDMI limit.
  • 1.4.6: Find new HDMI-DVI limit.
  • 1.4.5: Updated for 17.4.1. Find new DP-DVI / HDMI limit.
  • 1.4.4: Find BIOS signature check.
  • 1.4.3: Fixed HBlank limit for 16.12.1.
  • 1.4.2: Find 56 horizontal blanking (HBlank) limit.
  • 1.4.1: It will not correct for the driver of the version of Windows 10.
  • 1.4.0: Updated for 16.9.1. Changed the way the driver is located and patched. Replaced 640 × 480 limit with low-resolution limit. Fixed VGA limit for 32-bit.
  • 1.3.6: Find 10-resolution limit for Radeon Settings.
  • 1.3.5: Updated for 15.11 Crimson. Find 640 × 480 limit for Radeon Settings.
  • 1.3.4: DVI / HDMI limit for newer drivers. Removed blue screen workaround for 14.6 / 14.7.
  • 1.3.3: Updated for 15.3. Fixed DVI / HDMI limit for 32-bit.
  • 1.3.2: Updated for 15.2. Fixed DVI / HDMI limit for 64-bit.
  • 1.3.1: Find 297 MHz HDMI 1.3+ limits. Run 3 times to properly repatch an existing installation.
  • 1.3: Removed blue screen workaround for 14.9. Fall back to self-signing if signing fails.
  • 1.2.7: Attempt to work around some antivirus false positives. Repatching is not necessary.
  • 1.2.6: Fixed AMD APP encoding for 14.6.
  • 1.2.5: Updated for 14.6. Fixed TMDS and VGA limits. Implemented workaround for SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION blue screens.
  • 1.2.4: Updated for 14.4. Fixed SL limit on DL-DVI.
  • 1.2.3: Updated for 13.30 and upcoming 14.x releases.
  • 1.2.2: Find new HDMI limit for 12.9+.
  • 1.2.1: Find 400 MHz VGA limit.
  • 1.2: Test mode is no longer required.


After unpacking the archive, run atikmdag-patcher 1.4.7.exe and click “YES”

atikmdag patcher

Windows Vista or later
Graphics processor series 5000 or newer

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